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If you are traveling alone or with a few others, then Basco agency is the right place for you. You can check our offer of studio apartments in Belgrade and see it for yourself!

Our biggest and most populous city in Serbia is Belgrade. In its old quarters and modern apartment blocks it offers different room and board. Everybody is welcome! Its residents as well as tourists that flock to here every day. You can choose whatever you prefer. From the warm, comfortable studio apartments with character, to the roomy apartments with ample space. There are plenty studio apartments in Belgrade to choose from!

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Studio Tata

€ 50 / per night
Apartment Studio Tata located in attractive New Belgrade location. In the newly constructe ...
11 27.00 m2

Studio Steps

€ 45 / night
Studio Steps features balcony, parking space and free Wi-Fi. This New Belgrade apartment S ...
11 35.00 m2

Studio Ronin

€ 40 / night
Studio Ronin is a fully equipped short stay apartment located in New Belgrade. It is place ...
11 31.00 m2

Studio Ekon

€ 40 / night
Apartment Ekon is a studio apartment, located in a excellent part of New Belgrade. Studio ...
11 30.00 m2

Studio Iruña

€ 70 / night
Luxury and freshly refurbished Studio Iruna is found on Marsala Birjuzova street. But 5 mi ...
11 45.00 m2

Studio Dorcol Live 2

€ 40 / night
Centrally located studio Dorcol Live 2 features a parking and a balcony. Located during a ...
21 26.00 m2

What is a studio apartment actually?

You can describe a studio apartment as a space that consists of a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. We carefully chose and furnish majority of our apartments. Although mostly small, you will find all that you need for a comfortable stay. Usually, there is one main room suitable for daily activities. You can transform it afterward into a sleeping area. Plus, one small kitchen and a bathroom. It sounds ideal for a short stay in Belgrade.

Generally known as a mini apartment, a one-room palace, a cavalera, a mono apartment, monocalo, etc. In Serbia, we usually call it garsonjera (fr. garcon – young man, bachelor). You can easily understand to whom these apartments were meant for. Those were young men and women, preferably unmarried. These bachelor and bachelorette apartments are well known for their character, warmth, and energy.

You can find Basco apartments in attractive locations all over Belgrade. We carefully chose them for you.

Truth be told, these type of apartments do imply certain ad hoc solutions when it comes to renovations and furnishing and a slightly non-standard location. You’ll find nothing like that with us. Basco studio apartments in Belgrade are located in attractive locations around the city. All of them are very well furnished and equipped. Whether you choose to stay for a day or longer, Belgrade and Basco will provide you the experience you deserve.

Reserve your very own short-term rental

Our studio apartments in Belgrade are functional and affordable. Therefore, they are easy to maintain and offer everything you need no matter how long your stay is. One room, equipped for all daily activities, whether it’s resting by the TV or having coffee with your friends. At night, you can transform it into a bedroom that will provide you a good night’s sleep.

Studio apartments vary in size. We have apartments from 20 to 50 square meters (approx. 200 to 500 square feet). Our studio apartments in Belgrade are a place of carefree rest and relaxation. To that end, we will manage the administrative tasks and register you with the local authorities.  Consequently, that will spare you any potential unpleasantries during your stay.

Chose your studio apartment in Belgrade! Decide on the date of your arrival and the length of your stay. Pick the location and the apartment you like. We will just do the rest.

If you have decided to look for something other than studio apartments listed here, feel free to check the rest of our offer. You can search our apartments by the number of guests or, the size or location. At the same time you can check additional options they provide such as balcony, parking or if they are pet-friendly, and so on.

In case you need any assistance with deciding what the best match for you is, please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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