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Traveling to Belgrade for a day or two and you are looking for accommodation. Other than the traditional hotel rooms and informal hostels, a new solution popped up in Belgrade a couple of years back – short stay apartments.

We all know the concept of couch surfing or apartment rental. It has gained more and more popularity and the trend has not gone unnoticed in Belgrade. You can even say that here it encountered fertile ground. Belgrade is a popular destination and hotels simply can’t handle the influx of tourists and visitors that come to the city each year.

Find an Apartment for a Short Stay in Belgrade


Apartment Danica

€ 38 / night
If you want to visit Belgrade but stay in the quiet part of the city, away from noise and ...
11 44.00 m2

Studio Tata

€ 50 / per night
Apartment Studio Tata located in attractive New Belgrade location. In the newly constructe ...
11 27.00 m2

Studio Steps

€ 45 / night
Studio Steps features balcony, parking space and free Wi-Fi. This New Belgrade apartment S ...
11 35.00 m2

Studio Ronin

€ 40 / night
Studio Ronin is a fully equipped short stay apartment located in New Belgrade. It is place ...
11 31.00 m2

Studio Ekon

€ 40 / night
Apartment Ekon is a studio apartment, located in a excellent part of New Belgrade. Studio ...
11 30.00 m2

Apartment Daya

€ 50 / night
New Belgrade Apartment Daja is found in Savada new residential block in New Belgrade. If y ...
21 50.00 m2

Why choose Basco short term rentals in Belgrade?

Short stay apartments arose as a perfect alternative solution for the ever-growing number of visitors. Eventually, it became competitive to the traditional accommodation options. It offers everything that hotels and hostels offer, but a far greater variety and at a lower price.

What are the advantages of Basco short stay apartments in Belgrade?

  • Price – Like we already said, these apartments are far more affordable than the traditional accommodation options. Take a look at any of our apartments and see for yourself. With Basco, you can save up to 30%!
  • Simple planning – Our agents and support will provide you a choice of apartments for a carefree stay. And as one of but a few officially registered apartment rental agencies in Belgrade, you can be certain you made the right choice.
  • Location – You can find our apartments on attractive sites all around the city. We don’t doubt that you will find one to your liking.
  • Freedom – Organize your time as you see fit. You will not find the same limitation as with hotels or hostels. Our apartments will make you feel right at home.
  • Choice – Whatever your needs, we are going to help you find an apartment to suite them best. One, two or three bedrooms, in a quiet part of town or close to the best clubs. Smoking or non-smoking – whatever you wish, we will provide.
  • Character – Our apartments are full of character. There are, of course, hotels that try to achieve the same and personalize their space. However, they are few and far between and cannot compare to the care we take of each and every one of our apartments.

When it comes to short term rentals, Basco and Belgrade have a lot to offer. From small studio apartments to large three bedroom condos with a panoramic view of the Belgrade skyline. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is pick a date when you would like to arrive in Belgrade, how long you would be staying, what location you prefer the apartment to be in and, of course, the desirable rate of the accommodation. We will do our best to come to you with the most affordable offer.

Apart from the short stay apartments listed here, we invite you to browse through our monthly apartment rentals as well. Our website offers different search criteria so you can easily find the apartment which meets your needs best. At the same time, keep in mind that in case you need any assistance you are more than welcome to contact us.

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