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Medical tourism in Serbia is one of the fastest growing in the world. Affordable prices are the main reasons why Serbia is popular destination with people looking for high quality medical treatments.

Belgrade is the capital and the place with best private clinics and doctors in Serbia. Nursing staff in private clinics in Belgrade is highly qualified as well. Another important thing is that all the medical equipment and pharmaceutical products used in these clinics are of the best quality.

Basco Apartments Belgrade is taking an active role to help people coming to Belgrade for medical treatment. We are doing our best to help you pick the most comfortable accommodation in Belgrade. You may choose among numerous apartments in Belgrade which are nearby the clinic you have scheduled your medical intervention with. We are your consultants for picking the right location, size and facilities for the apartment you will be staying at.

Best reasons to choose Serbia for medical treatment

Serbia is becoming one of the leading countries in the world in health tourism. The estimates are that all costs, including medical treatment, recovery and rehabilitation after the surgery, travel and accommodation, cost at least 605 less than any medical treatment in Western Europe. Therefore, for the patient living outside Serbia, it is worth paying for the trip and treatment in Serbia.

Medical institutions in Serbia offer around 2,000 different medical treatments including diagnostics, recovery and rehabilitation. Serbia has doctors and medical workers who provide health services at equally high and professional level as well as in other countries.

Equipment and facilities in Serbian private clinics for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, fertility treatment and weight loss procedures are at the highest standard. Serbia also became popular for cardiovascular interventions, orthopedic interventions, limb extension surgeries. You can find world-famous team of doctors for genital surgery right in Belgrade. This fact made Belgrade one of the most favorite destinations for sex reassignment interventions.

Friendly and hospitable people, delicious food, beautiful nature, SPAs, fresh air and rich history, are the things you can enjoy while taking part in Serbian medical tourism  for treatment and rehabilitation.

Important things to consider while deciding whether to come to Serbia for medical treatment

  • Serbia is actively engages in European Community Health and Standards, therefore strictly applies all the standards.
  • Serbia might be the only country where it is possible to get the same quality medical treatments as in Western Europe and North America, only for much less. You can get the same treatment or better, for 40-50% less including traveling costs.
  • Many Serbian doctors are well known specialists in their field of work. Specialists operating in medical clinics in Belgrade are the most prominent ones among their colleagues worldwide.
  • Belgrade is only 2 hours away from most of the European capitals and therefore easy to reach.

We warmly recommend you to choose Belgrade, Serbia to make your life happier.

We look forward to host you in one of our apartments!

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