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Are you worried about going to the dentist because it would cost too much and you are not sure you can afford it? You have considered seeing a dentist in Belgrade, Serbia, but you don’t know the procedure? No worries, Basco agency can help you.

Did you know that one of the most popular countries for medical tourism and especially dental tourism is Serbia and its capital Belgrade? Dental tourism has become a trend here.

The prices in dental clinics in the western European countries have increased. Because of that, dental procedures became hardly affordable for the majority of the population. For the same reason, more people decide to pack their bags and get the same medical treatment done elsewhere, every day .

Patients who decide to go for dental tourism in Serbia get at least the same quality and standard of services as they would at home, only far cheaper. In addition to highly professional doctors, brand new clinics with excellent equipment, dental tourist packages often include accommodation, transport, and even some sightseeing.

Usually, the patients make the initial contact and reach out to dental clinic. If you are satisfied with the estimated price, your dentist will arrange a treatment plan. After that, patients are looking for accommodation in Belgrade, near the dental clinic.

Basco agency can help you find the apartment that will truly fulfill your needs. The last thing you want to do after dental intervention is to worry about your accommodation. We understand how important that is. We’ll do our best to make your wishes come true. Whether you wish to stay in an apartment with a terrace and a beautiful view of the city or one that includes a parking space, we can arrange it for you.

How dental tourism in Belgrade works?

Dental tourism in Belgrade has become a branch of the medical tourism that is developing at a dizzying pace. Foreigners often come to Serbia to fix their teeth. Dental services in Serbia cost far less than in Western Europe, the States or Australia.

However, a lower price doesn’t mean worse quality of the service, but merely a different market. Prices of dental services in Serbia are adjusted to the standard of living. Serbian dentists enjoy great respect from their colleagues abroad for their knowledge and professionalism. Besides, the technology used in Serbian dental clinics is the same as in other countries.

Although Serbs living in other countries were the primary beneficiaries of dental tourism, things are different now. Foreigners are also becoming aware of this great possibility. Dental clinics in Belgrade have recognized this, and, consequently, in most of them, you’ll find staff who speak foreign languages.

Also, dental clinics in Belgrade have developed a procedure for foreign nationals. First of all, you have to send an email to your dentist with a dental X-ray. In addition, you have to describe, in your own words, what would you like to get done.

After the evaluation, the dental clinic will reply with the estimated price. Finally, if you agree, you’ll arrange a treatment plan. When you come to Belgrade, you have to come to the dental clinic for a preliminary examination. Later, everything goes according to the schedule you agreed on.

Furthermore, dental tourism doesn’t mean just staying in Belgrade. After all, you can visit various tourist attractions in Serbia. Enjoy the Danube cruise to the Djerdap Gorge, visit the castles of Vojvodina, admire Uvac or the Devil’s Town. There is a wide range of destinations depending on how much free time you have. Also, you can choose between a classic tour and an adventure.

Choose the apartment that suits you

Some dental clinics in Belgrade offer to take over the entire organization. For instance, their staff will pick you up at the airport, arrange transportation, and accommodation. However, that way, you wouldn’t be able to choose where you would be staying.

You could be put up in a hotel, which is not so practical if your treatment plan lasts longer. Also, you could be accommodated in the apartment that belongs to the dental clinic. These apartments are designed to suit the patients, but they might not be as cozy as you actually hoped for. There is also a possibility that you have to maintain the apartment you are staying in.

Generally speaking, dental procedures are stressful enough. When you come to your accommodation, you need to relax in an apartment that has everything you need. Because of that, it is best that you choose the apartment that you like the most.

Basco agency can certainly help you choose the right apartment for yourself and your companions. We can offer you more than one hundred apartments of different sizes, from studios to three-bedroom apartments in various locations in the city.

Besides, our apartments are serviced apartments. They are fully furnished, spacious and offer more freedom than hotel accommodation. Also, cleaning and maintenance costs are included in the rental price.

Considering the quality and professionalism of the staff, Basco agency recommends AdenT dental practice. The technology used, as well as knowledge and the experience of dentists who work here, are all subordinated to patients.

Nevertheless, if you would like to get in touch another dental practice, you may check the list of clinics below.

Dental clinics in Belgrade

  • AdenT Dental Practice

    Cara Nikolaja II 33
    +381 11 243 94 16
    +381 60 344 53 55
    [email protected]


  • Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implantology Dr. Ristic

    Cvijićeva 38
    +381 11 275 92 89
    +381 60 336 84 78
    [email protected]


  • Crown Dental Center for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

    Koce Kapetana 4
    +381 63 806 93 96
    [email protected]


  • Dental Corner Esthetics

    Njegoseva 48
    +381 11 411 44 59
    +381 63 866 68 86
    [email protected]


  • Dental Focus Specialist Dental Practice

    Stevana Sremca 13
    +381 11 322 34 20
    +381 64 322 34 20
    [email protected]


  • Dental Implant Clinic

    Bulevar Despota Stefana 13 (in the building near Skadarlija),
    +381 11 724 69 95
    +381 65 568 00 60
    [email protected]



  • Dental Oral Center Dental Clinic

    Trstenjakova 3
    +381 11 2662 577
    +381 64 2662 577
    [email protected]


  • Dr. Marija Zivkovic Dental Clinic

    Bratstva i jedinstva 78A, Borca
    +381 60 688 56 56
    [email protected]



  • Dental Practice A1 Dental Studio

    Skerlićeva 30
    +381 11 245 21 92
    +381 65 245 21 92
    [email protected]




  • Dental Practice Dentiva

    Vajara Zivojna Lukica 3
    +381 11 2270 553
    +381 65 347 55 24
    [email protected]


  • Dental Practice Dr. Dasic

    Vojvode Milenka 6, Savski Venac
    +381 11 268 20 44
    +381 64 128 56 80
    [email protected]


  • Dr. Stefan Dental Office

    Borivoja Stevanovica 5
    011 6897 302
    063 77 08 613


  • Dental Office Dr. Djordjevic

    Mutapova 19
    +381 11 689 06 40
    +381 63 486 146
    [email protected]


  • Glusica Dental Studio

    Dobracina 14
    +381 11 328 42 35
    +381 60 644 34 43
    [email protected]



  • Dental Practice MeDenta

    Novopazarska 14/1
    +381 11 344 00 17
    +381 64 117 74 10
    [email protected]


  • Savadent Dental Clinic

    Djure Danicica 15
    +381 11 334 91 64
    +381 64 936 81 91
    [email protected]


  • TiM Dentistry Jurisic

    Vojvode Stepe 114
    +381 69 209 51 51
    +381 11 391 26 66
    [email protected]

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