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Cooperation and Apartment rental

You are the owner of an apartment or a house in Belgrade or anywhere in Serbia and you are interested in cooperation with an agency and apartment rental? This is the place where you can find the information you need. We gave our best to enable you to get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding apartment or house rental in Belgrade and Serbia. Cooperation and apartment rental through Basco Agency is one of the things that can help you successfully deal with this business.

Cooperation and apartment rental – how do I become an associate of the Basco Agency?

When it comes to cooperation and apartment rental through Basco Agency the first step is advertising on our website. In order to be able to advertise your apartment or house on Basco Agency website it is necessary to categorize them. This means that you officially register them as private accommodation in Belgrade and Serbia. The Secretariat for Economy of the City of Belgrade is responsible for the categorization of these facilities in Belgrade. As for other parts of Serbia, local municipalities are mostly in charge. More information on how to categorize objects and what documents you need you can find on several important pages. One of them is the Categorization of private accommodation in Belgrade. The other is the Categorization of private accommodation in Serbia.

The next step which involves cooperation and apartment rental through Basco Agency, is to attach all relevant information about the building itself. This way, we can assess in a short time whether the facility meets certain standards and fits into our offer. Along with the photos, it is necessary to send basic information about the apartment. These are most often: address, floor where the building is located, square footage, description of the structure of the building, or room.

After your apartment is categorized and meets our standards, Basco Agency informs you about the conditions of cooperation and apartment rental of your object. If the conditions of cooperation suit you, you sign an Agreement with Basco Agency. The contract can be signed by the owner or an authorized person. Furthermore, we agree on the prices at which we will offer your house or apartment in Belgrade and Serbia to potential clients. At the same time, we also agree on the specific conditions under which we will offer the facility on the market on a daily basis.

What standards should my apartment or house meet?

A new or recently renovated apartment or house in Belgrade or Serbia is what is desirable. Cooperation and apartment rental through the Basco agency means that the space we will rent will be freshly painted. Moreover, it is important that you kept the furniture and equipment new or solidly maintained without visible damage. All equipment that exists in the apartment should be in order and functional. This refers to lighting, household appliances, furniture.

Above all, we always emphasize that the hygiene of the space should be at the highest level. The rental facility should be impeccably clean and tidy just like 5 star hotel accommodation.

Furthermore, it is necessary that there is an Internet speed of at least 75 Mbps in the facility. However, it is not necessary to have a TV in the accommodation.

The advantage is if the accommodation has its own parking. This is exactly one of the benefits that all those guests who will use the car during their stay will appreciate very much. The same goes for the terrace and balcony when it comes to apartments, especially within urban areas.

In addition, it is important that there is a cooling air conditioner in the apartment and the house for rent. Air conditioners have become imperative due to high temperatures during the summer months. Similarly, heating in the colder months should be perfectly organized, regardless of the type of heating.

One more thing meaningful for apartments and houses located in urban areas is to have good sound insulation. Guests at these facilities will be extremely grateful and will return again and again.

Why work with the Basco agency?

Do you want a professional relationship and professional associates? Cooperation and apartment rental through Basco Agency is what you are looking for. Basco Agency helps all its associates with advice and constructive suggestions. Thanks to that, renting an apartment or a house in Belgrade and Serbia is more prosperous for both the agency and the owner of the facility. Basco Agency has been dealing with short-term and long-term renting of apartments in Belgrade for more than a decade. Thanks to our rich experience and professional relationship, we have got the opportunity to provide consulting services to all our associates. These services concern the current legal regulations in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Welcome, we are looking forward to working with you!

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