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Almost as a direct opposite to the chaotic, old city core, New Belgrade is structured and organized. When we look at it on the map, we can see straight boulevards and streets that intersect at right angles. This, of course, wasn’t that hard to accomplish since the development of New Belgrade began not so long ago in 1948. It was envisioned as a planned municipality – a home to numerous avenues, skyscrapers and residential blocks. Many foreign and domestic corporations have their offices here. It is wedged between the Sava and Danube rivers and it sports two lovely promenades. Sounds enticing? Our New Belgrade apartments will fulfill your needs. Take a look at our offer and see for yourself!

The precision and quality of our offer is guarantied. What you chose is what you will get.

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Apartment Danica

€ 38 / night
If you want to visit Belgrade but stay in the quiet part of the city, away from noise and ...
11 44.00 m2

Studio Tata

€ 50 / per night
Apartment Studio Tata located in attractive New Belgrade location. In the newly constructe ...
11 27.00 m2

Studio Steps

€ 45 / night
Studio Steps features balcony, parking space and free Wi-Fi. This New Belgrade apartment S ...
11 35.00 m2

Studio Ronin

€ 40 / night
Studio Ronin is a fully equipped short stay apartment located in New Belgrade. It is place ...
11 31.00 m2

Studio Ekon

€ 40 / night
Apartment Ekon is a studio apartment, located in a excellent part of New Belgrade. Studio ...
11 30.00 m2

Apartment Daya

€ 50 / night
New Belgrade Apartment Daja is found in Savada new residential block in New Belgrade. If y ...
21 50.00 m2

In the last couple of years, Belgrade grew into a popular destination for foreign and domestic tourists alike. The city is rich in hospitality, the food is amazing, it has history and culture, and it lays on the bank of two great rivers. It has been our long-standing mission to introduce our guests to that Belgrade. This is why we offer a variety of accommodation – everything from warm studio apartments to big, modern condos. You can choose between different apartment types and various locations. From the urban blocs of New Belgrade to the very city core. Feel free to contact us for details.

New Belgrade Accommodation

Shortly after WW2, the development of New Belgrade started. A few years later a municipality was formed. Construction needed to be quick to satisfy the growing population of Belgrade. Hence the somewhat uniform, brutalist look of the apartment blocks. Something that attracted a fair amount of criticism. It was at that time that New Belgrade got its famous pejorative – The Belgrade bunkhouse (or dormitory, whichever you prefer).

New Belgrade is the business center of the region and is still developing and expanding.

These are past times, though. Today, New Belgrade is still developing and expanding. This is greatly due to the fact that many companies, foreign and domestic, are opening their offices here. New Belgrade is the business center of the region and has many modern IT, tech and pharmaceutical compounds. This is why New Belgrade is especially inviting to people here on business.

Still, New Belgrade is not just business. You have the Belgrade Arena, where all the big sports events are organized. The Sava and Danube promenades offer recreation from strolls along the river to water sports. Last but not least, the many open-air rafts and boats will satisfy your needs for food, music and a good time.

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New Belgrade will offer you a relaxed stay. Its broad avenues and wide promenades have an air of freedom about them. You can always pop in across the river to the city core and when you feel cramped, go back and spend the night on one of the many clubs on the river. If all this sound alluring, our New Belgrade apartments for rent will make it happen. All our apartment are carefully chosen, outfitted and furnished. They are our attempt to provide you your very own part of Belgrade. We would like our apartment to be your home away from home, at least for a couple of days.

You can find our New Belgrade apartments offer on this very page. The precision and quality of our offer are guaranteed. Whatever you pick out, you will get. No disclaimers or fine print. No clerical work either. As our guests, we can register you to save you any potential problems with the local authorities during your stay. You just choose the rate and location that fit you best as well as the date of your arrival. Basco agency will ensure you have a pleasant stay.

Other than the New Belgrade apartments listed here, feel free to browse through the rest of our offer. Search our apartments by type, location, the number of rooms and guests and check the additional options they provide such as parking, balcony, sauna, jacuzzi, if they are pet-friendly, fit for people with disabilities and so on.

We are confident that you will find what you need. You can contact us for any additional information. Basco agency is here to ensure you a safe and carefree stay.

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