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Belgrade, our country’s capital, can offer its visitors and citizens very different types of accommodations. Regardless of their needs and budget. Usually, people visit the capital for a few days, but there are those that stay for a longer period. If you belong to this group, then our monthly apartment rentals are the thing for you. Have a look at our offer and decide for yourself!

You can feel safe knowing that we are officially registered apartment rental agency in Belgrade. And we very much care about all our customers.

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Apartment Danica

€ 38 / night
If you want to visit Belgrade but stay in the quiet part of the city, away from noise and ...
11 44.00 m2

Studio Tata

€ 50 / per night
Apartment Studio Tata located in attractive New Belgrade location. In the newly constructe ...
11 27.00 m2

Studio Steps

€ 45 / night
Studio Steps features balcony, parking space and free Wi-Fi. This New Belgrade apartment S ...
11 35.00 m2

Studio Ronin

€ 40 / night
Studio Ronin is a fully equipped short stay apartment located in New Belgrade. It is place ...
11 31.00 m2

Studio Ekon

€ 40 / night
Apartment Ekon is a studio apartment, located in a excellent part of New Belgrade. Studio ...
11 30.00 m2

Apartment Daya

€ 50 / night
New Belgrade Apartment Daja is found in Savada new residential block in New Belgrade. If y ...
21 50.00 m2

If you stay in Belgrade is longer than what you might call a standard vacation, then monthly rental is the logical solution for you. Spending all that time in a hotel is unrealistic primarily from a financial standpoint, but certain other issues arise after spending too much time in traditional accommodations. Hotels are noisy and full of people. Doesn’t matter how much they strive to keep your peace, the constant stream of visitors will wear down even the strongest among us.

Basco offer – Monthly apartment rental in Belgrade

Our monthly rentals can offer you more freedom and privacy. We strive to give all of our apartments that personal touch, no matter its size or price. Speaking of price – monthly rental would, in this case, be far more affordable.

Other than the price, which is certainly a benefit, our apartments can boast about their great location. They can all be found in attractive locales in the city, near the sights and landmarks. You can also choose our apartments in New Belgrade, a place of corporate offices, which makes it a popular option for our corporate clients that need to stay in Belgrade for a longer period. Whatever your needs, we are certain we can meet them.

If you are staying in Belgrade for a longer period, then monthly apartment rental is the logical solution for you.

Our apartments offer more freedom to organize your stay as you see fit. There are no limitations that you might come upon when going to a hotel. Whatever your wish is, we will gladly help you find an apartment to fulfill it. One room or more, smoking or non-smoking, quiet and secluded or right next to the best clubs in town – we will provide. This is why we carefully chose each of them, equip them and furnish them so that they would be inviting and full of character.  We would like it to be your little corner of Belgrade.

Reserve your very own Belgrade Apartment

This is our mission – to make our apartments your home away from home and to provide you a carefree stay. Therefore, as being our guests, we will register you with the local authorities. Since we are one of just a couple of officially registered Belgrade rental agencies, you can feel safe knowing that all the legal procedures have been followed and that our offer is accurate. You can be certain that you will get what you choose. You only need to pick the date and duration of your stay and decide what rate and location fit you best. We are ready to meet your needs!

Beside the apartments for monthly rental that are listed here, we recommend you to browse through the rest of the offer on our website.

In case you need any help with finding the most suitable apartment, we are happy to help. Feel free to contact us through email or contact form on our website.

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