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You can travel to Belgrade by car. Moreover, many people choose to do so, which is why we at Basco have a selection of apartments with car parking you can choose from. They will provide a safe spot for yourself as well as your four-wheeler.

However, if you decide to take a drive around town, you might encounter some difficulties. Traffic jams, rush hours, and the non-stop search for a parking spot, to name a few. Parking in Belgrade is not easy to find. If you ever find yourself wondering if you have the right ticket, have entered the right code, etc. – please contact us. We are here to help and make your stay as carefree as possible.

Public parking garages

Considering everything, if you do decide to take your car for a spin around Belgrade, we advise you to use the public parking garages. Parking in public garages is payable per full or incomplete hour.

If you wish to leave your car and take a walk around the city center, we suggest the following garages: “Obilićev venac”, “Zeleni venac”, “Masarikova” and “Pionirski park”. All can be found in walking distance from the Kalemegdan fortress, Kneza Mihaila street, and many other sights.

Garage “Obilićev venac”
Free spaces at the moment: 141
Address: Obilicev venac no. 14 – 16
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 620
Floors: P+5
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)

Garage “Zeleni venac”

Free spaces at the moment: 95
Address: Kraljice Natalije no. 13
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 306
Floors: P+5,5
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)
Additional information: The lift is accessible to the garage users

Garage “Masarikova”

Free spaces at the moment: 51
Address: Masarikova no. 4
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 460
Floors: 3 underground and 6,5 above the ground
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)
Additional information: The lift is accessible to the garage users

Garage “Pionirski park”

Free spaces at the moment: 166
Address: Dragoslava Jovanovica no. 2
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 472
Floors: 3 underground floors
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)
Additional information: Garage ‘Pionirski park’ is a City Council garage and JKP ‘Parking Servis’ is in charge of servicing the garage

Further away from the bustle of the city core, you can leave your car in the Vukov spomenik” and “Botanička bašta” garages. Perhaps you don’t enjoy the big crowds of tourists or just want to take a walk down the Boulevard or Lower Dorćol. Whatever the case, feel free to leave your car here.

Garage “Vukov spomenik”
Address: The corner of the streets Kraljica Marija and Ruzveltova
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 122
Floors: 1 underground floor
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)

Garage “Botanička bašta”

Address: Vojvode Dobrnjca 10
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 250
Floors: P+5
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)

If Belgrade is a stopover and you plan on coming back, you can leave your car at the Airport paking. It will wait for you till you come back.

Garage “Aerodrom”

Address: ‘Airport complex’
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 521
Floors: 3 and 4
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)

For the parking rates, please check at the entrance. Rates usually go from 90 to 120 RSD per hour.

Parking Zones

Garages are certainly the safest option, but maybe you do feel like parking on the open. If this means parking in the city center, then you will need to know about parking zones. A good part of Belgrade is covered in parking zones. There are 3 of them and payment is made for each full or incomplete hour.

1st Red zone – maximum 1 hour
2nd Yellow zone – maximum of 2 hours
3rd Green zone – maximum of 3 hours
All 3 zones are marked with signs as well as markings on the very tarmac the parking spot is on. All correspond to the colour of the zone. Parking is payable in all three zones on weekdays from 07.00-21.00 and Saturdays between 07.00 and 14.00. Once the allowed time has expired, the driver must move his or her vehicle. A parking warden will leave a ticket under the windscreen wipers if you should fail to do so.


Parking tickets – these are purchased at kiosks and other points of sale. The time of arrival should be written on the ticket and it should be displayed on the inside of the windscreen.
Parking ticket machines (only in the red zone) – machines selling parking tickets take coins and electronic parking cards
Mobile phone – by sending an SMS containing the registration number of the vehicle (for example BG123456, without spaces) to 9111, 9112 or 9113 (depending on the zone), from any mobile network. Confirmation of payment by SMS will arrive in the form of a return SMS to the users mobile, detailing the parking service they have paid for. The user must keep this SMS as proof that they have paid for parking in the event that they are erroneously issued a fine. Should the user not receive a return message confirming payment for parking within two minutes, SMS payment for parking has failed and they will not be charged for the service. The user may obtain information about the status of currently paid parking in a zone by sending an SMS with a “?” in the text to the number for that zone. A reminder of the expiry of the parking period will arrive five to 10 minutes before expiry in the form of an SMS message sent to the user’s mobile phone. The user may extend the parking period for an additional hour by sending an SMS message containing the same registration number or just a “*” to the same parking zone number. Once the maximum parking time allowed has expired, the user may not pay for parking by SMS for the next 15 minutes.

Other Parking Areas

Parking areas outside the three central zones, which are marked by the usual traffic signs, can be used for an unlimited time period and are paid for on an hourly or daily basis between 7.00 and 21.00 on work days and on Saturdays from 7.00 to 14.00.

Useful info

Parking Service Belgrade
Address: Kraljice Marije 7
Call center 00-24: 3035-400

“The Spider” – Tow-away Service (00-24h)
Information on the vehicles removed on the vehicle pound in Blok 42 is available on phone number 011/717-64-65.
For all other information on the vehicles removed following the order of Traffic Police or municipal inspectors, you can call Customer Service at 011/3035-400.


Illegally parked vehicles, at the instruction of the Traffic Police, are towed to several different locations, depending on the location of the violation:
From New Belgrade and Zemun, cars are towed to Staro sajmište.
From the city center to Vidin kapija and Slavija.
From the southern part of the city to Ada Ciganlija.

A public utilities fine and vehicle towing tax are payable.

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