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Posted by Apartmanista on 14/05/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on tourism worldwide. It has become a priority to ensure coronavirus safe accommodation. Apartments have to be cleaned following the guidelines for the prevention of Covid19 infections. If you are searching for apartments in Belgrade where you can stay safe from coronavirus, the Basco agency can help.

Arrangements, flights, and numerous events that attract a large number of tourists have been canceled worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. Serbia was not an exemption either. Many hotels and private apartments were empty in March and April.

After the lifting of the travel ban measures, many people are eager to travel and change the environment. However, the majority of them are looking for coronavirus safe accommodation. Making your apartments in Belgrade as safe as they can be from COVID-19 is essential. That way, people will have one worry less, and more moments to enjoy.

Everyone is much more relaxed when they know that they can choose corona safe accommodation. Staying safe in a vacation rental in Belgrade is, for now, much easier than in a hotel. You can be sure that there will be no other people near you. You know that in a hotel you cannot avoid places with many people like a restaurant, lobby, or hotel garden. And even the hallways and elevators can get crowded.

Another concerning aspect of hotel accommodation can be central ventilation. It’s hard to keep the air in all hotel rooms clean and fresh in such circumstances. The situation is different with apartments. You have more privacy, better hygiene of the space in which you stay safe in Belgrade.

In addition, there’s everything you would have in the hotel and more: internet, TV, kitchen, air conditioning, bed linen, and towels. Many apartments also have a parking space as well. So, complete comfort, as well as an incomparably greater sense of security and safety, you get at a price significantly lower than that in the hotel.


Coronavirus safe accommodation in Belgrade

Basco agency regularly cleans its apartments following the guidelines for the prevention of Covid19 infections. Making apartments in Belgrade COVID-19 safe is a priority, so all hygienic measures are strictly respected. Particular care is taken to cleaning all surfaces in the apartment that are frequently touched. Switches, handles, remote controls, then kitchen elements, and other surfaces are most exposed to contact.

The apartments are regularly ventilated and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each guest. All apartments have disinfectants if you want to clean something yourself. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we’ve done some minor repairs in apartments. They are now ready for the arrival of new guests.

Basco apartments are located throughout Belgrade, in all parts of the city and the most attractive locations. In addition to nicely decorated and clean apartments, now you can expect an automated process of renting apartments.


Belgrade COVID-19 safe apartments

If you want, you can do the reservation, payment, as well as picking up apartment keys contactless. You can use the phone, Email, Viber, or WhatsApp to make a reservation. You can pay for your accommodation in advance and pick up the keys at the address of the apartment, from secured mailboxes.

So, you can book, pay for, and use the apartment during the post-COVID-19 time without any physical contact with other people. That is very important for all those who intend to travel to another environment. The complete service is subordinated to staying safe and healthy in a vacation rental in Belgrade.

All apartments and studios offered by Basco agency have first aid kits, as well as COVID-19 centers’ contacts, just in case. The agency staff is at your disposal 24/7, for everything you need during your stay.


Summer vacation 2020. in Belgrade

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people decide to spend a summer vacation in their country. An additional benefit is tourist vouchers, which you can use and thus save on vacation.

Unlike previous years, in 2020, you can use tourist vouchers for staying in hotels and apartments in some cities as well. Belgrade is among them. Our capital features so many exciting sights that are worth visiting. There are museums, galleries, Kalemegdan fortress, parks, and rivers. One weekend will not be enough for you to visit all these beautiful places. But why would you come only on weekends, when you can rent an apartment long-term?


What does Belgrade offer for summer 2020?

The prices of vacation rentals in Belgrade per day are reduced, compared to the period before the COVID-19 pandemic. Accommodation prices are 20-30% lower. That means that you will practically be able to extend your stay at the same cost. The price per night usually ranges from 30 to 50 euros. These prices are for renting the entire apartment. That can be quite inexpensive. For example, if a family of four, wants to stay in Belgrade apartments that are COVID-19 safe, it will cost them only ten euros per person.

Some people from other parts of Serbia often rent Basco apartments because of their business obligations in Belgrade. Why would you pay twice as much for a hotel room, risking your health by staying in a space with many people? That is why vacation rentals are a great solution when you have business obligations. You can stay in Belgrade as long as you need in coronavirus safe apartments, and not worry about your health.


belgrade safe accomodation apartment

Medical treatments are another reason people from other parts of Serbia are coming to Belgrade. Whether you are coming alone or with someone, Belgrade COVID-19 safe apartments are an excellent option for accommodation. The prices are reasonable, and you can find many apartments near the hospitals you are coming to. That way, you can go to the desired location on foot without using public transportation.

Numerous families come to Belgrade. They want to visit the Zoo, the Kalemegdan fortress, the Botanical Garden, or the increasingly popular Museum of Illusions. Among the reasons for visiting are also day trip locations near Belgrade. However, hotel accommodation for a family is not cheap at all. That is why renting an apartment is a better choice. At affordable prices, you can get safe accommodation in an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, television, and often a parking space.


Summer vacation 2020 in Serbia

Epidemiologists do not recommend going abroad for summer vacations this year. Coronavirus is still active in some countries. Others have not opened their borders yet and allowed tourists to enter. Because of that, spas, lakes, and ethno villages in Serbia are becoming more and more popular.

Cities with exciting tourist attractions have also become popular vacation destinations recently. This year, tourist vouchers will also be valid for cities so that you can go on a vacation to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, or Subotica.

If you adore nature, then you would probably prefer visiting some villages, mountains, or spas. In addition to Zlatibor and Vrnjacka Spa, some of the most sought-after vacation spots in Serbia are Sokobanja, Tara, as well as Silver, Borsko, and Vlasinsko lakes.

Western Serbia has been a leader in domestic tourism for years. On the other hand, there are many unexplored and beautiful locations in Eastern Serbia too. Vojvodina always has an exciting offer, and Palic Lake stands out in particular. With a coronavirus safe accommodation in Subotica, you can visit not only the nearby Palic Lake but also other places in the north of Vojvodina. Ludosko Lake, horse farms, and many wineries.

Wherever you go on vacation, the most important thing will undoubtedly be that the accommodation is clean. Hygiene and protection measures have to be at a high level. It is up to you to adhere to regular hand washing and wearing face masks and gloves in specific situations.

The owner has to provide you with accommodation that is as safe from coronavirus as possible. They also have to provide disinfectants as well as automated and personalized service. All this is for your own safety and health.

Basco agency does everything it can to provide you and your family COVID-19 safe Belgrade apartments. Your “duty” is to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed stay.

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