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One could say that Zemun has always been the center of bohemian life. This Belgrade municipality, located on the Danube River’s right bank, has been tied to the Serbian capital for a long time. But there are some substantial differences. While in New Belgrade, you can find the shopping centers, Zemun features small trade and craft shops. Unlike the noise and crowds that are almost common in other parts of Belgrade, here you can relax while walking along the Zemun quay. In addition, a large number of cultural and historical sights make this area especially interesting. Given that, if you are looking for an apartment in Zemun or other types of accommodation, Zemun is definitely a location you should consider.

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Apartment Gold Intimo

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Studio Senza

€ 60 / night
Apartment Senza is a luxury one-bedroom apartment. Located in the heart of Zemun, it is id ...
11 20.00 m2

Apartment Ramonda

€ 55 / night
Apartment Ramonda is a four-star apartment in New Belgrade with free parking. Located in u ...
21 54.00 m2

Zemun – an authentic part of Belgrade

Whoever ran the Belgrade Marathon knows that the best fans are in Zemun. It features hospitality and friendly behavior towards strangers. The winding cobbled streets, authentic restaurants, as well as the Zemun quay only add to its charm.

Some of the most popular parts of Zemun are the center, the Gornji Grad, as well as Altina, and Kalvarija. The center of Zemun and its architecture will inevitably remind you of the architecture of European capitals. In addition, you will be further charmed by Magistarski Square, paved with cobblestones and closed for traffic. During the day, this is a place where street artists and flower sellers gather. But, when it gets dark, it is popular because of its romantic atmosphere. Apartments in Zemun, located in the center, are popular precisely because of the absence of traffic jam noise.

The Gornji Grad is located above Gardos and is one of the largest settlements in Zemun. It is well connected with other parts of Zemun and Belgrade, thanks to Cara Dusana Street, which passes through this area.

On the other hand, Altina is one of the quieter areas in Zemun. It is popular with business travelers due to the proximity of the highway, Pupin Bridge, and the Nikola Tesla Airport.

Zemun apartments that are in the Kalvarija area are ideal for those who come with family. Also called “Zemun’s Dedinje”, it was known for the villas of wealthy people from Zemun. Now it is known for family houses and low buildings. Besides, Kalvarija is surrounded by two large parks and various sports fields.

What can you see in Zemun?

The first settlements in the area of today’s Zemun date from 3-4 thousand years BC. The Celts called this place Taurunum, and because of the dugouts they found there during the settlement, the Slavs called this place Zemun.

At first, Zemun developed as an independent city on the right bank of the Danube. It was located near the swampy area where New Belgrade is today. It was not until 1934 that it was annexed to Belgrade. Today, a tourist tour of the capital is unthinkable without a visit to Zemun.

Many excellent restaurants where you can enjoy fish specialties are located on the Zemun quay. Along this promenade on the banks of the Danube, you can also find floating river clubs with live music and cafes where you can drink your morning coffee overlooking the river. Opposite the Zemun quay is the Great War Island. This nature reserve features one of the most popular summer destinations in Belgrade – the sandy beach Lido.

Zemun sights that you shouldn’t miss

In order to get to know the cultural and historical sights of Zemun completely, do not miss a tour of Gardos and its recognizable tower. The tower of Janko Sibinjanin on Gardos is the main symbol of Zemun. It is one of the four millennium towers with the Hungarians built at the end of the 19th century. That is the reason the term – Millennium Tower is likewise used for it.

The view from the tower is one of the most beautiful scenes you can experience in Belgrade. The panorama of Zemun’s roofs and the river in the distance are recognizable motifs in many photographs and brochures of Zemun.

The oldest house in Belgrade from the Ottoman period is located just 300 meters from Gardos. This two-story building from the 17th century, also known as the former White Bear tavern, is a cultural monument today. It is located in a winding street paved with cobblestones, so characteristic of old Zemun.

Although rich in cultural and historical monuments, Zemun also has the stamp of the modern age. About 20 years ago, the Madlenianum was built, a modern theater where performances and various musical events, such as opera, are held.

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Zemun is well connected with other parts of Belgrade. If you decide on a short-term rental, you should know that Zemun is practically in the neighborhood of New Belgrade. That means that you have several shopping malls nearby, as well as the Belgrade Arena. Also, about twenty-minutes-drive, depending on which part of Zemun you are in, you can reach the popular floating river clubs, know as ‘splavovi’.

Looking for a Serviced Apartment in Zemun?

Our apartments in Zemun are, in fact, serviced apartments. What does that mean? These are cozy and fully furnished apartments that offer comfort in the range of hotel rooms, but with additional benefits. For example, the costs of cleaning are included in the price. On the other hand, these apartments offer you complete privacy that is not possible in hotels and the use of the entire living space. They are ideal if you are looking for space where you will feel at home.

If Zemun, however, is not something that would suit you, you can look for accommodation or a short-term rental apartment in other parts of Belgrade. Basco agency can help you find an apartment that suits you. You can choose the size and the location that suits you, the type of apartment you want, including other amenities. Take a look at our offer, which includes both small studio apartments and larger apartments such as two-bedroom and three-bedroom, as well as modern and luxury apartments. We offer a vast selection of apartments that you can rent for a day and apartments that you can rent for several weeks or months.

When it comes to the location, the apartments we offer are located throughout Belgrade. Whether you want to stay in the city center, in Knez Mihailova Street, in Vracar, or you are more attracted to apartments in modern neighborhoods in New Belgrade, we are at your service.

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