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If you need short-term accommodation, but you want to stay in the new, luxurious city center, a Belgrade Waterfront apartment is the right solution. This prestigious quarter on the Sava River bank is transforming this part of the city by constructing luxury apartments and new public spaces.

What Is Belgrade Waterfront?

Belgrade Waterfront apartment as short-term accommodation is a great choice. That is the case even if you are a business traveler or coming to Belgrade as a tourist. If you can’t decide which apartment to rent, take a look at our recommendations. It all started in 2018. In that year, the first tenants moved into the BW Residence building. The following year, 2019, the second completed building within this project – BW Vista got its first occupants.

Until today, moving of the new tenants of Belgrade Waterfront has been ongoing. The entire Belgrade Waterfront project is worth about $3 billion. One of its goals is to create a new city center and an attractive international destination. The construction of the Kula Belgrade is in progress. That 42-story apartment building will be a new landmark of this city. Residential buildings, including BW Magnolia, BW Arcadia, BW Metropolitan, BW Terraces, and others, will also be built. New streets are being constructed as part of the project. Sava Square is being reconstructed, and the Sava Promenade is being arranged.

Amenities in Belgrade Waterfront Accommodation

Are you coming to Belgrade to visit the Belgrade Fair? Short-term apartments in the Belgrade Waterfront quarter are the perfect solution. These apartments are comfortable and well equipped. The whole neighborhood does not lack any luxury elements. The incredible view you can admire from the apartments also contributes to the BW prestige. Fantastic views of the river, New Belgrade, as well as Kalemegdan, is something that will enchant you.

Like other apartments in our offer, Belgrade Waterfront apartments offer more freedom than hotel accommodation. You can enjoy many amenities, such as many facilities that this quarter contains. Parking for the residents of the Belgrade Waterfront is also provided. Belgrade Waterfront apartments are ideal for business travelers as well as people who are coming with their families. However, this is also an excellent location for young people and clubbers, as popular places for a night out like Beton Hall and Savamala are nearby.

Besides, you can explore Belgrade Waterfront apartments through several different modules using the Experience Room. In addition, you can also explore public spaces and many other facilities Belgrade Waterfront contains.

The entire quarter is located a few minutes from the Sava Promenade. Numerous fun, recreational, and educational activities are held there. Nearby is Savamala, the creative center of Belgrade, as well as the shopping center “BW Gallery”, probably the largest in the region. Children’s playgrounds, parks, kindergartens, and elementary school are just some of the amenities that Belgrade Waterfront features.

You can quickly get to the international highway E-75 over the Gazela Bridge. The Nikola Tesla Airport is only a 15-minute drive away.

Shopping Mall “Galerija Belgrade” – Place to Discover Fashion Trends

Let’s say you come here and want to go shopping. Where is the nearest mall or a store?

Don’t worry, shopping mall “Galerija Belgrade” is also a part of the Belgrade Waterfront project. It is located on the Sava River banks and along the highway E-75, next to the Gazela bridge. The unusual design envisages the integration of outdoor and indoor space.

A glass facade facing the bank of the Sava River will provide visitors with a completely new experience. The roof will consist of large green areas and a landscaped space. Various events can be organized there.

This shopping mall will have about 500 retail stores. Various brands, both local and international will be present. The stores will be organized in several “streets”. Besides that, shopping mall “Galerija Belgrade” will contain several cinemas and an entertainment center for the whole family.

There will be restaurants and cafes, as in other Belgrade shopping malls. About 70 restaurants will improve the gastronomic offer of the entire quarter and the whole city. Of course, there will be cafes and pubs as well. There you can take a break and relax when you’ve finished shopping.

If you are coming to this part of the city by car, you don’t have to worry. A garage with 3,600 parking spaces will be at your service.

The Nikola Tesla Museum Will Complete the New Look of Sava Square?

Sava Square also got a new look. Relocating the railways and streets has created about 20,000 square meters around the former Main Railway Station building. A 23-meter high monument of Stefan Nemanja will dominate the central part of the square.

With many planted trees, Sava Square will become one of the greenest parts of Belgrade. The tree lines along the streets in Belgrade Waterfront quarter and Savski Park will also join this greenery.

However, suppose you want to visit a museum? Which one is the nearest? There are indications that the Nikola Tesla Museum may complete the new look of this quarter. Tesla’s legacy has been in the Museum in Gencic’s villa in Vracar since 1952. But, this museum may get a new address. That may very well be the building of the former Main Railway Station.

Just a part of his legacy is on the shelves of the museum in Vracar. Most of the items left behind by this world famous scientist are in the villa’s basement. Some original documents and working models are also kept in depots, under strictly controlled conditions. One of the reasons is the lack of exhibition space.

Suppose the announcements about the relocation of the museum come true. In that case, some more personal objects and scientific works of the famous scientist could find their place as a museum exhibit.

Currently, the Nikola Tesla Museum in Vracar keeps more than 160,000 original documents, 2,000 books, magazines, photographs and glass photo plates, many plans and drawings, and more than 1,200 historical and technical exhibits. In addition to the documents, replicas of working models, made based on the original, are also on display.

Is Renting a Belgrade Waterfront Apartment a Good Idea?

Whichever way you turn it, renting an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront seems like a complete hit. You can hardly compare the benefits that Belgrade Waterfront apartments have with other parts of the city as you can find numerous facilities in one place. Only one of them is a prestigious view over Sava river and New Belgrade.

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