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Vračar is one of the central areas of Belgrade with numerous picturesque streets and charming old buildings and houses. While the old core of Belgrade was cramped between fortress walls, Vračar could develop in a (relatively) organized manner. There may not be that oriental charm in Vračar, but it is full of civic spirit. It is basically the “other” town centre and there are not as many tourists on its streets as you might find in Stari grad. If this sound appealing to you then our Vračar apartments for rent are exactly what you are looking for. You can check it out for yourself. See our offer!

Basco is one of just a few selected officially registered agencies in Belgrade dedicated to apartment renting.

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Apartment Mackenzie

€ 99 / night
Provide yourself comfortable stay in Belgrade and choose a three-bedroom apartment Mackenz ...
32 80.00 m2

Apartment City

€ 45 / night
Apartment City is a modern and fully equipped one bedroom apartment. It’s located on Groca ...
21 31.00 m2

Studio Sole

€ 33 / night
Studio Sole is located in the heart of Belgrade – in Vračar. Placed on Golsvordijeva ...
11 30.00 m2

Apartment Ruby

€ 45 / night
New and completely renovated romantic apartment Ruby. Located on Cubura, in heart of Vraca ...
21 26.00 m2

Apartment Pink

€ 45 / night
Apartment Pink in Belgrade can accommodate 4 persons, and it is located near Slavija squar ...
31 42.00 m2

Studio Piano

€ 40 / night
Studio apartment Piano is an adorable holiday rental on Golsvordijeva Street in Belgrade. ...
21 20.00 m2

In the recent years, Belgrade has become a popular destination. For foreign and domestic tourists alike. The city lays on the bank of two great rivers and is rich in history and culture. The people who live here are handsome and hospitable and the food is exquisite. It is our founding mission to bring Belgrade closer to its guests. This is why you will find a wide variety of accommodations in our offer. From cheap apartments to large one and two bedroom apartments, as well as luxury, modern and stylish condos for those that prefer a bit of the high life. You can choose the apartment type, its location, etc. From the cobblestones of Dorćol to the urban blocs of New Belgrade, from the old city center to the idyllic streets of Vračar. Reserve your own now!

Vračar Apartments for rent

There are lots of stories regarding the background of Vračar and its name and they go from legends to reasonable explanations. One such legend refers to an infidel hero, a witch-doctor or witcher (serb. vrač) that had a cabin in these parts. Other legends talk about fairies and witches that lured unsuspecting travelers and used them in… various ways. On the other side of the spectrum are those that claim that the name comes from the many sparrows that nest in the area (serb. vrabac – sparrow).

It’s incredibly easy to find some peace and quiet in Vračar.

Whatever the background, Vračar has a hint of fairy tale about it. It was here in 1595. that Sinan Pasha burned the remains of St. Sava (Serbia’s greatest saint) as retribution for their rebellion. Today, on that site sits the temple of Saint Sava, the biggest orthodox temple in the world. Near you can find the monument dedicated to Karađorđe (Black George), famous rebel leader, and the building of the National Library. You can take a little stroll to Slavija square and see and hear the controversial music fountain or visit the museum of Nikola Tesla.

Vračar is a home of beautiful rows of trees, tiny streets, and small, nestled parks. It will not be a problem to find some peace and quiet here. With our Belgrade Vračar apartments, you can reserve a piece of Vračar for yourself.

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If you are looking for a rest away from the bustle of tourists in the city center, our Vračar apartments in Belgrade will be happy to have you. All our apartments are available for rentalon attractive locations regardless if you are staying the for a few nights, weeks or even longer. They are outfitted, furnished and carefully chosen. It’s our attempt to provide you your Belgrade home, at least for a while.

Here you can find the Basco offer of Vračar apartments. As we are dedicated for you to have a pleasant stay, we can vouch for the quality and the accuracy of our offer. Decide how long you’d like to stay, pick out a date and prefferable location. Basco agency will do the rest.

Other than the Vračar apartments listed, please feel free to go through our other offers. Search our apartments by type, location, the number of rooms and guests and check the additional options they provide such as sauna, balcony, parking, jacuzzi, if they are fit for people with disabilities, pet-friendly, and so on.

We are certain that you will find what you need. You can contact us for any additional information. Basco agency is here to ensure you a safe and carefree stay.

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