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Every day, Belgrade is the host to many tourists and visitors that would like to experience what our capital has to offer. From museums and galleries to cafes, clubs, and restaurants – reasons to come to Belgrade are many.

Leave the boring administrative duties to us and just enjoy Belgrade.

Still, if you are coming from abroad, we need to settle a couple of things first. A couple of boring clerical duties, such as registration of foreign guests. Luckily, Basco, as one of a few officially registered apartment rental agencies in Belgrade, will do this for you. We want you to feel right at home and to make your stay as carefree as possible. Leave the boring administrative duties to us and just enjoy Belgrade and our accommodations.

All you need to do upon arrival is to give us your passport or any other sort of valid international ID so that we can write down your info. It doesn’t even have to be an original document but a copy. Afterward, we will register your stay at the Department for foreigners in the local police department. This will ensure you your own foreigner’s residence permit, the so-called white card. Keep your white card with you during your stay in Belgrade and Serbia till the moment you leave the country. It is not rare for the clerks and officers to ask you for your permit on the border or airport.

If you, for any reason, switch apartments during your stay in Belgrade, that change needs to be registered as well. A new white card needs to be issued. We will do this for you. Change your location as many times as you’d like – we will secure your permit. Your carefree vacation is our mission.

Want to do foreigner registration in Belgrade yourself?

In this case, you need to know that upon coming to Belgrade and Serbia, you must register your stay in the local police department. Any foreign national must be registered 12 hours upon arrival. If not, you might be issued a fine.

You can register yourself or someone else can do it for you, be it your friend, agency or tourist organization. If there is a change of address, you must register this change within 24 hours as well. If you wish to do this yourself, you need to come with your host, the apartment owner, to the police station. There you should fill out the white card with your info, and submit it along with your passport or ID and your host’s deed to the apartment you are staying in.

The Department for foreigners of the Belgrade Police covers the territory of Belgrade.

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Belgrade Police – Department for foreigners (Odeljenje za strance)
Savska Street No. 35
Phone: +381 11 3618956

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