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Belgrade, as a popular tourist attraction, offers a variety of content and accommodation fit for any budget. This offer is for its inhabitants and the many visitors that gather in the city every year.

From warm accommodations, the sights, various manifestations, parties, and hang-outs – there’s a lot to choose from. If you’d like to visit Belgrade and not break the bank in the process, our cheap accommodation in Belgrade is your next stop. Whether you’re alone or part of a group, we are sure that our offer will meet your needs.

Check our offer of cheap apartments in Belgrade


Apartment Danica

€ 38 / night
If you want to visit Belgrade but stay in the quiet part of the city, away from noise and ...
11 44.00 m2

Studio Tata

€ 50 / per night
Apartment Studio Tata located in attractive New Belgrade location. In the newly constructe ...
11 27.00 m2

Studio Steps

€ 45 / night
Studio Steps features balcony, parking space and free Wi-Fi. This New Belgrade apartment S ...
11 35.00 m2

Studio Ronin

€ 40 / night
Studio Ronin is a fully equipped short stay apartment located in New Belgrade. It is place ...
11 31.00 m2

Studio Ekon

€ 40 / night
Apartment Ekon is a studio apartment, located in a excellent part of New Belgrade. Studio ...
11 30.00 m2

Apartment Daya

€ 50 / night
New Belgrade Apartment Daja is found in Savada new residential block in New Belgrade. If y ...
21 50.00 m2

Whether you’re alone or with companions, whether Belgrade is your destination or just a stopover, our offer has what you need. Cheap accommodation in Belgrade has a bad reputation. From false advertising and unprofessional attitude to low quality and suspect hygiene. You will not find that with us. We carefully select all our apartments – their location, equipment, and furniture, regardless of its daily rate. So you can be certain of our quality. Let us make a corner of Belgrade for you. You will not be disappointed. In this, we are certain.

We stock and furnish our cheap accommodation in Belgrade well. The apartments possess all that is needed for your carefree stay. This, of course, means the location as well. A low price does not have to mean an apartment at the edge of town. All the cheap apartments are in charming and beautiful locations, near the city sights and landmarks. Whether you are staying for the weekend or longer, Belgrade and Basco agency will ensure your comfort and a carefree experience.

Looking for budget apartments in Belgrade?

Unlike similar, traditional cheap accommodation in Belgrade– hostels and affordable hotels – our budget apartments offer comfort and freedom. Use your apartment as you wish. Make it your own personal space or invite someone over for a drink. Take a walk along the streets of Belgrade, grab a bus to the city core or relax by the TV. Belgrade can be expensive, but it offers lots of content for those with a limited budget. You can always ask us what are the ways to save some money during your stay in Belgrade. We would like our apartments, from the most to the least expensive, to ensure your carefree stay.

You can look at our offer of cheap accommodation in Belgrade on our site.  The apartment you choose to book is the one you are really going to get. You can be sure of that. The price is also guaranteed, there are no subsequent additional costs. Additionally, no need to worry about the boring administrative tasks and registering your stay with the authorities. We will do that for you. It is our mission to ensure you an untroubled vacation.

Your cheap apartment in Belgrade awaits. Spend a few days or weeks in Belgrade without going over your budget. Just choose the date, duration, apartment rate and location that is a fit for your budget. We will readily meet your needs with the best and most affordable offer!

Other than the affordable apartments listed here, feel free to browse through the rest of our offer. Search our apartments by type, location, the number of guests and rooms and check the additional options they provide such as parking, balcony, sauna, jacuzzi, if they are pet-friendly, fit for people with disabilities and so on.

We are confident that you will find what you need. You can contact us for any additional information. Basco agency is here to ensure you a safe and carefree stay.

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