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Posted by Apartmanista on 13/09/2019

You are planning a vacation in Belgrade and looking for accommodation. However, you would rather have an apartment with a lovely terrace or at least a great view. Apartments with a view of Knez Mihailova Street, the Sava River or apartments with a panoramic view of Belgrade – whichever you choose, we can fulfill your wish.

Although having a balcony in the apartment might seem irrelevant, it’s actually quite convenient and an amazing thing. For instance, if you can’t walk around the city because of the rain or snow, the terrace is there for you to breathe in some fresh air.

Also, drinking a morning coffee or having a glass of wine in the evening, while enjoying a beautiful view, can be a real treat. Basco agency offers apartments with mesmerizing views. You just have to consider which part of the city you would like to enjoy during your stay in Belgrade.

Apartments overlooking Knez Mihailova Street

If you want to be in the city center and you want a terrace overlooking Belgrade main street – no problem. Apartments Jolie and Bah offer a beautiful view of Knez Mihailova Street and the downtown Belgrade.

The terraces of both apartments are equipped with outdoor furniture. Also, terrace in Bah apartment is enriched with a hammock. Both apartments are in the same building, which is ideal if you are coming to Belgrade with friends. Also, both are soundproofed, so the noise coming from the street won’t bother you.


Studio Bah Knez Mihailova view

€ 60 / night
Apartment Bah Knez Mihailova is a beautiful and newly renovated studio with balcony in Bel ...
21 32.00 m2

Apartment Jolie

€ 55 / night
Short-term apartment Jolie is located on the main pedestrian street in Belgrade, Knez Miha ...
21 40.00 m2

In addition to these two apartments, there is also apartment Deluxe. Overlooking the central part of Knez Mihailova Street and Zmaj Jovina Street, this apartment offers a bit more space as well as modern equipment.

Apartment Republic Square also offers a nice view on the National Museum building, Zmaj Jovina street and Republic square.  This spacious apartment has one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.


Apartment Republic Square

€ 70 / night
Apartment Square is a one bedroom apartment on Čika Ljubina Street, right next to the Repu ...
31 52.00 m2

Apartments with panoramic views of Belgrade

There aren’t many apartments in Belgrade from which you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. However, we have several apartments offering panoramic views of different parts of Belgrade.

Firstly, we can recommend one bedroom apartment Terazije. This apartment can accommodate up to three people. After a busy day, you can relax on the terrace of the apartment and enjoy the view on pedestrian area of the upper part of Nušićeva street with lots of cafes, shops and restaurants.

If you want a smaller apartment, studio apartment Panorama has a beautiful view of downtown Belgrade with the Sava River and its bridges in the distance. It is located on Kralja Milana Street and suitable for up to four people.

Two-bedroom apartment City View offers some fantastic views. It is located on Venizelosova Street, on the eighth floor, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of Dorcol and downtown Belgrade. It’s ideal for a group of friends or a family since it can accommodate up to six people.

If you want an apartment with two balconies, there is no problem; apartment Central Park on Toplicin Venac Street has two balconies. From the smaller balcony, you can enjoy the view of Vojvoda Vuk Park, while the other offers panoramic views of the city and the Sava River in the distance. This apartment can accommodate up to five people.

In case you decide to stay in a more peaceful part of Belgrade with secure parking option, Apartment Smile is the right place for you. This comfortable apartment is located in Vozdovac, nearby Banjica and Dedinje. Therefore, while enjoying your coffee or tea from the modern terrace of apartment Smile, you will get a completely new perspective of Belgrade.


Boutique Apartment Terazije

€ 55 / night
Apartment Terazije Square is a beautiful and elegant one bedroom apartment. It’s loc ...
31 40.00 m2
With balcony
Available soon

Apartment City View

€ 95 / night
Apartment City View is a lovely two bedroom apartment on Venizelosova street. This Belgrad ...
41 60.00 m2

Studio Panorama

€ 45 / night
Studio Panorama is cozy apartment featuring beautiful panoramic view over Belgrade. It is ...
21 33.00 m2

Apartment overlooking Dorćol streets

Strahinjica Bana Street is ideal for those who want to be in the center of city events, but in an environment that offers privacy. If you’re going to stay in an apartment overlooking Strahinjica Bana Street, apartment Ocean is ideal. This two-bedroom apartment can accommodate up to six people.

Apartments Dorcol View and studio Botanica will give you the opportunity to enjoy the view of Dorcol and the old part of Belgrade from their balconies. Apartments are located on Vojvode Dobrnjca Street. While apartment Dorcol View can accommodate up to three people, studio apartment Botanica is suitable for up to two people.

One of the main advantages of apartment Centrala on Simina street is the terrace, which also offers a view of the lower part of Dorćol. This one-bedroom apartment can accommodate four people.


Boutique Apartment Little Bay

€ 55 / night
Apartment Little Bay is bright and spacious one bedroom Belgrade flat located on Dositejev ...
31 45.00 m2

Apartments with river views

Luxury Apartments City Diamond and studio Silver next to Terazije Square offer views of Belgrade and the Sava River bridges. Apartments are located in the same building on Prizrenska Street, and they are an excellent choice for couples.

One-bedroom apartment City Diamond is cozy, while studio apartment Silver offers a modern interior, but in a smaller space. These luxurious apartments on Terazije also have balconies with phenomenal views where you can enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktails.

One-bedroom apartment City Wave is another flat overlooking the Sava River and the Savamala quarter. It is located on Kraljice Natalije Street and suitable for up to four people. In addition to the glazed terrace with a great view, this apartment also has a parking place in the courtyard of the building.

An apartment with a beautiful view can make your day better. Just think how much enjoyment an apartment with a balcony overlooking the city or a river could give you. Whatever part of town and apartment you choose, you will not go wrong. Relaxing on the terrace of an apartment in the breeze or reading a good book while enjoying a fantastic view can undoubtedly improve your mood. Apartments with a view can certainly make your entire stay in Belgrade exceptional.

Available soon

Apartment City Diamond

€ 85 / night
Apartment City Diamond has a superb location in Terazije Square and a balcony with a fanta ...
21 70.00 m2
Available soon

Studio Silver

€ 50 / night
Studio Silver is a luxury apartment located on Prizrenska street in Terazije square. Enjoy ...
11 30.00 m2

Apartments overlooking Kalemegdan

The view of Kalemegdan can be both relaxing and mesmerizing. Studio apartment Kalemegdan offers a balcony overlooking the street and Kalemegdan Park. Although it is a studio apartment, the kitchen is separated from the room.

From the terrace of one-bedroom apartment Danube View you can enjoy the view of Kalemegdan, but also of Dorcol and the Danube. Apartment Danube View is a two-level flat, ideal if you are looking for accommodation for up to five people.

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